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True leadership is governed by the ability to inspire people... and people are inspired when they feel positive about themselves and the future. 


Leadership starts at the top via clearly defined goals, values, ethics, etc. However, conflicting priorities sometimes means internal leadership takes a back seat. 


PREFIXER can parachute in at any level of the organisation to provide leadership or leadership guidance as required.


Our pillars to powerful leadership are being genuine, caring, reliable, consistent, vulnerable, bold, inwardly confident, strength in conviction, an ability to be with people, and the courage to put ourselves on the line.


Leadership Case Studies

ANZ Learning & Breakout Centre [Consultant Example]


The ANZ Bank built a state-of-the-art training centre on Collins St, Melbourne. There was no plan for operations and staffing seven weeks prior to the scheduled opening. 



I had 4 weeks to employ and 2 weeks to train a team of 12 employees. I employed temporary team members (with the potential to convert to permanent roles), as well as interview candidates for the permanent positions. 


I had a full team of permanent employees 6 weeks after opening. I manage the team over the next 12 months, servicing the state-of-the-art corporate training centre comprising 32 rooms and a capacity of 450 people, including a real-time video effects multimedia centre and full catering. 


During this time the team were energised and fulfilled, often putting together culinary and creative events, and inviting me as a guest. In addition, there wasn’t a single escalation from the ANZ Bank who later stated it was the best engagement they experienced with consulting company who employed me.


LiveStock Inc. [NGO Director Example]


In 2004 I created a not-for-profit organisation specialising in live music events to raise awareness and revenue for animal welfare.



I created a team of 100 people in Melbourne and Sydney within 6 months, including 16 direct reports. The experience levels of the team members ranged from the Sponsorship Manager at The Australian Grand Prix, and senior other executives, to university graduates. All team members donated their time for free. 


Together, we Generated $50k in seed capital from the RSPCA, tentatively booked the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and the Sydney Domain and were in direct contact with international tour managers. We established a mentor relationship with Carl Gardiner (Managing Director of Mushroom Marketing), as well as engaged the pro bono services of six professional organisations encompassing legal services, PR, merchandising, design, sponsorship, and a record label. 


We eventually made a commercial decision not to proceed with the international event due to untenable levels of financial exposure. We continued producing smaller scale events with a reduced team. 


NostraData [Internal Executive Example]


In 2016 I was employed as the Head of Technology at NostraData, a business intelligence and data analytics company operating predominantly in pharmaceuticals. I was engaged in this role as a people leader with no experience in the technologies or pharmaceuticals. 



The challenge for the previous incumbents was that they were technology people who had risen in seniority with little training in people leadership. However, my challenge was my lack of technical expertise, and it became apparent very early that I would not have the time to resolve this and make informed decisions. 



I decided to train the technology team in communicating in a way that would allow me to make informed decisions. I also focussed on develop the team such that leaders ascended, and they no longer needed me. 


Over time, I also started managing troubled client relationships and it became clear that customer engagement was a systemic concern. I produced a report on the status of customer engagements at NostraData and the likely result if it wasn’t managed. The outcome of this was that I also became Head of Customer Engagement, which meant that 70% of the organisation reported to me. I developed and embedded Customer Engagement practices, appointed a team leader, proposed a new company structure, oversaw the engagement and onboarding of 2 new Heads (Technology and Testing), and completed my tenure.   

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