Please contact us via email [below], or call Mark on 0425 731 989. 

We'll send you the prospectus and answer any questions. 

Alternately, check out our referral platform at BizForce

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Remuneration Options 

Option 1: $1,000 to $1,500 [one-off payments] for any introduction that leads to a client engagement, or

Option 2: $500 to $750 [initial payment] + $500 each time that same client engages Tomahawk over the next 12 months.


NB. the full details are included in the Prospectus

Would you like to partner with us? 

We love our customers and have grown our business largely from their positive recommendations.


However, the world is a different place as we navigate through 2020 

and we’re looking to expand our market.

We're offering win/win commercial partnerships for Captains of Industry 

(Corporate Networkers and Business Development Managers), who operate with a strong ethical acumen.  


Tomahawk Recruitment is a boutique agency recruitment service that is grounded in

the philosophy that all parties are honoured. We pride ourselves on delivering genuine quality

via an operation that is efficient and transparent. We’re also protective of our clients and their brands,

and expect our partners to operate in the same manner.

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