Why I Created the 'Men for Women’ Facebook group

By Mark Evarts, Monday June 22, 2020

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I detest bullying of any kind and have had a growing disdain for acts of discrimination, bullying and violence towards women. I recently watched the Harvey Weinstein documentary and was appalled by the heinous behaviour of yet another man using his position of power to prey on women without accountability or remorse. Worse still was that he did this for over 30 years and would have continued if not for the bravery of a handful who risked a tirade of backlash to fight back.

In this one case alone 95 women said they had been sexually harassed or assaulted by Weinstein and a further 15 accused him of rape [wikipedia]. Guaranteed there are many more who did not speak out, and who could blame them. 

As a man I’m embarrassed. Women have been oppressed for centuries, simply because men are afraid. 

I’ve been buoyed by the #metoo movement which was driven by women standing up for each other. I realised there are many men who would also love to stand up for women, starting with me. Hence, the ‘Men for Women’ Facebook group was born. It’s the beginning of my journey as an activist in bullying of all types.    

'Men for Women' is dedicated to the empowerment & equality of women by MEN.

It is an opportunity for men to publicly celebrate & honour women, and for women to simply be acknowledged for who they are.

The group is open to all genders. However guys, this is your opportunity to stand for equality and acknowledge the women who have made a difference to you or to the world. It can be a small post or one that’s well crafted, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the ‘doing’.

In equality, Mark

PS this one's for you mum