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People Buy People… and Cake

By Mark Evarts, Tomahawk Recruitment, April 12, 2019

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I go to a French Patisserie for coffee almost every day. The cakes and pastries are made onsite and they're amazing, but that’s not why I go. I don’t even eat them. I go there because of the people. The staff are always lovely, and the atmosphere attracts the kind of people that I like to be around.

You see, I live in Melbourne where good coffee is our God given right. We’re spoilt for choice, so quality is rarely the defining factor in choosing our espresso destination. It’s the experience, which is directly correlated to the people. In fact, the main reason I repeatedly invest in any service is because of the people; where I dine, shop, drink, service my car, go to the gym, wash my dog, seek medical advice, travel, etc.

A Suit Ain’t a Suit

A few years ago I wanted to buy a specific suit; a 2 button, single breasted, navy, pinstriped, slim fit suit that told the world 'I mean business'. So, I headed out and the first store I saw was Morrissey (a brand I loved but was beyond my budget). I went in anyway and tried on a suit that was everything I wanted. I mean everything! Sadly though, I found the sales person to be a bit arrogant, so I left the store and called the another. This time I spoke to someone friendly who explained that if I waited a few days the suit would be discounted and Peter Morrissey would be instore.

Fast forward to Thursday, I bought the suit, enjoyed some Champagne and felt pretty good about myself. I then decided I wanted to let Peter know how much I loves his apparel. So, I squeezed past the models and photographers and made my way to Peter.

To my delight he was a legend of a guy, we had a great chat, a photographer took our pic and I was asked for my business card. I didn’t expect anything but two days later the photo was emailed to me.

Peter Morrissey with Mark from Tomahawk Recruitment
Peter Morrissey with Mark

I bought the exact same suit as I tried on earlier in the week, but the people had changed, and so did my experience. I bought several more Morrissey’s suits and was sad when the label ended. But that memory has always stayed with me.

As I operate my own business, I’m reminded that Tomahawk Recruitment is us - Tori and Mark; who we are in the world, what we believe in, and how we operate. That’s what people buy when they engage us.

People buy people... and cake

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