Isolation Anthems

By Mark Evarts, Tomahawk Recruitment

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Music feeds the soul and I’d say we could all do with some soul food right about now.

Tori & I have use music to create a positive energy during our isolation work days & thought ‘why not share the love?'

I posted a YouTube link to an 'Isolation Anthem' each day for 3 weeks via Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram to brighten peoples' day. It was well received so I created an ‘Isolation Anthems’ Spotify playlist.

I then decided to create & share 3 more Spotify playlists that could be used for 3 different moods. 

Spotify Playlists

  1. Isolation Anthems The Isolation Anthems playlist starts off with a track is brought to you by Lizzo, and is about self-love - no not that kind ;). The term 'juice' is also slang for respect or power, and is sure to give you a much needed confidence boost if you’re feeling a tad low.

  2. Isolation Ambience - light 3hours of hand picked ‘light' tunes to play in the background & keep you feeling positive as you work.

  3. Isolation Ambience - smile 3 hours of tunes to have you smile as they play in the background of your day

  4. Isolation Funk 7 hours of lovingly selected funk in yo face!

Video Clips Posted

The YouTube video playlist can be accessed here, and follows the social media posts as per below:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Happy Social Distancing, Mark