Former recruitment agent spills details on what really goes on in the industry.

Lying, backstabbing and fake jobs.

This is a great article on what the recruitment industry is like and why we at Tomahawk decided to create an agency that provides true value that honours our clients as well as our candidates.

The article is based on a former agent who exposes behaviours that give the industry a bad name. You can read the article here, and following are some of the more notable points. We’d love to hear your thoughts or experience with recruiters:

…often you know they're not the best person for the job and they'll get into the role and quit in two weeks. But all you care about is invoicing the client before they do.

‘It's an awful lot of resume flicking and luck. Sometimes you find other recruiters represent the same candidate. If you find out the other company has put them forward, you try to convince them they're your client, otherwise they get the $20,000.

‘It's hard because sometimes I've had four or five jobs on the go and you have 500 messages. Often there is no way to get through them all so you're just deleting them. It's awful, I used to feel sorry for them. Some people are so lovely and you're lying to their face.’

‘It's a lot of money for what is sometimes just resume flicking … you're thinking 'oh my god I just billed $15,000 from this candidate I've never met who happened to email me'.

‘Often when it's quiet and you don't have much going, you'll put a fake job online to get candidates in’

On temps: ‘The client will often say we're going to pay you $80 so they pay us and we pay the candidate… you say 'look, they can only afford $25 or $30' whereas really you could pay them $40 and still make a profit margin.’

Recruitment and Industry Gone Wrong

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