Happy Birthday to Us!

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By Mark Evarts, Tomahawk Recruitment, February 20, 2019

Tori and Mark from Tomahawk Recruitment

Happy Birthday to Us!

Tori & I started Tomahawk Recruitment just over a year ago. She had recently completed a role as HR Director, the stars then aligned & said [cue thunderous voice] ‘Tori, Mark, this is your path’.

Allow me to backtrack: I met Tori around four & a half years ago when I started a new role and she was the HR Director. At that time my listening of most Human Resource Managers was that they are good at the ‘Manager’, alright at the ‘Resource’ and poor on the ‘Human’ (great at regaling policies and procedures, but not much else). However, Tori was effortlessly effective at all 3. In fact, she provided as much support to the CEO as did the CFO, with 90% less glory. ‘Hurrah’ I said, ‘finally an HR manager worth their salt’.

Fast forward to now and we’re engaged with a gorgeous 1 year old… business.

Tomahawk Recruitment is our baby, a recruitment business that serves both clients AND candidates with respect & dignity. We created Tomahawk because 1) We love working with each other, 2) We each have an intangible intuition of connecting with good people, 3) We felt we could provide genuine value in an industry that’s marred by under-value, and 4) Together we have a wide and varied employment history that includes employing in excess of 1,000 people.

It’s been an inspiring year! We’ve been humbled by the genuine support from our friends and colleagues as well as the heartfelt, and often unsolicited feedback we’ve had from our customers, and our candidates. For this, I would like to acknowledge my fabulous business and life partner, Tori. I mean, who gets unrequested acknowledgments from candidates? Here’s a couple:

‘Sometimes I think that you took what we talked about over the phone and when we met and created a role based on our discussion. It's everything we talked about. I really enjoyed the recruitment experience and am especially appreciative of the time you must have taken to get the culture fit right. The best way I can think of to describe it is to say that I feel like you set me up to succeed by putting me into a role that draws on past experience while also acknowledging that I wanted a role where I could work in a team to implement changes and improvements.‘

‘Tori makes recruitment seem easy. The requirements and expectations of the role were laid out transparently right from the start making it very easy to decide if I was applying for the right position. Interviews felt very natural and guidance was offered for follow-up interviews. It quickly became apparent that Tori takes matching the right people with the right company seriously wanting success not just for clients but for candidates as well. Thanks Tori!’

And the reason, we started Tomahawk in the first place…

‘Tori and the team at Tomahawk Recruitment are an integral part of our strategy to attract and recruit high calibre talent at Urban Circus. Tori’s practical and hands-on approach enables her to understand our culture, values and requirements so that she can match the best talent to our needs. Having a business partner like this enables us to build a talented and aligned team that delivers great value for our clients’ Alan Rees - General Mgr, Urban Circus

Now, one year in, we’ve refined who we are as well as who we’re prepared to work with. Now that may sound arrogant, but our reason is simple: we originally positioned ourselves as a boutique service that is surprisingly affordable. We hold ourselves to high levels of quality, respect, and integrity, so when we place talented people into great opportunities we must be 100% aligned with the business we are hiring for. The road may be longer, but it’s a road we feel is worth travelling.

So, our mantra as we embark on our 2nd year of operation is this: Imagine a recruiting department that you can scale up and down as you need...

And with that, we say thank you to all of you for your partnership and support; past, present, and future.

Tori and Mark, Tomahawk Recruitment


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