You failed!… now what?

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By Mark Evarts, Tomahawk Recruitment February 5, 2019

Succeeding After Failure

There is no success without failure, or at least no success worth achieving. In fact, failure is the access to success. Anyone who was anyone became that way by learning from their failures.

So why are we so scared of failing? For starters, we have learned from a young age that failure is negative. Our parents told us it was bad, kids laughed at us when we failed, and our school system was historically based on penalising failure.

Our ego has been chipped away bit by bit and we believe that we will look foolish if we fail. So, we protect ourselves, play it safe, and stop doing things that we might fail at. Put another way, we’re more concerned with looking good than having what we want or inspires us. Crazy right? It’s like playing tennis and giving up the first time you hit the ball out, or not learning to walk for fear of falling down.

But there is another way.

Embrace Failure

That’s right, embrace failure. Alter your perspective about it. Make mistakes and use them as learning tools. Treat failure as a positive step towards learning, growing, & succeeding. However, making the same mistake twice is a waste of your time and effort so you may as well learn the first time.

We all admire someone who’s failed but kept trying and eventually succeeded, don’t we? That’s because it takes courage to fail, fail, & fail again. But before you know it, you’ll be succeeding all over the place, and living a life worthy of your time. Who cares what people think? You won’t care when you’re dead so why should you care now?

Be daring and do what’s important to you. Get out there and make mistakes. Share your failures and successes in a way that makes others try new things. You will inspire the people around you, but more importantly, you will inspire you!

The Failure of Harland David Sanders

At age 66, Harland Sanders was broke and living on Social Security cheques. He had an idea for a fried chicken restaurant but no money to start it. He travelled from State to State and visited more than 100 financiers who declined him. Many laughed at him, but he never gave up and eventually found a financial backer.

He then went about selling his recipe for fried chicken. He was knocked back 1,008 times before he finally succeeded and went on to become one of the most successful business icons of all time. (NB I do not endorse the KFC brand in any way).

Apparently he added salt to his existing ten spices, and the very next prospect was successful. That small change made all the difference, yet he would never have found out if he didn’t fail, fail and fail again?

What are the missing ingredients in your life? Are you willing to find out?


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