Efficient Recruitment: Myth or Reality?

By Mark Evarts, Tomahawk Recruitment, February 20, 2020

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The secret to effective recruitment

Here’s the secret to effective recruitment:

  1. Possessing the ability to see beyond what everyone else sees. It’s not just the words in the CV, it’s what’s in between them. It’s not always your first impression of a person’s but what lies deeper.

  2. Understanding business operations and having the acumen to understand your clients’ vision

  3. Thinking outside the box to find talented people

  4. Genuinely caring about people

The secret to efficient recruitment is how good you are at the above. Simple.

The recruitment process is often underestimated and seen as something that can be managed inhouse. The problem is, most people just aren’t that good at it. It ends up costing the business not just in the expense in completing the elongated task, but also the flow on (and often greater cost) of ill-considered recruitment.

Conversely, many Recruitment Agencies are charlatans – there you go, I said it! Sadly, the recruitment industry is full of used car salesmen/women; promising the world, charging like wounded bulls, and delivering little.

It’s quite the conundrum. What do you do?Finding a good recruiter is like finding a good doctor, dentist, mechanic, builder, architect, etc. When you find them, hold on to them. Have them on team YOU, because they are like gold!

The million-dollar question

So, how do you decipher between the ethical, effective recruiters, and imposters?

  1. Conduct your research. Most of the stuff you find on Websites and social media is manufactured, so I would pay it little heed. I highly recommend speaking to some of their previous clients. Ask how their experience was and if they were happy with the results.

  2. Transparency. This one is key! You will know if you’re dealing with someone you can trust by how transparent they are; their process, fees, engagement, etc. If there’s nothing to hide, then there’s no reason to hide it.

  3. Assess how willing they are to offer you advise against what you believe or considered. The service industry is full of ‘yes’ operators (i.e. people who simply say yes to what you request). You may think you want acquiescence (reluctance acceptance without protest), from your recruiter. However, would you want your doctor, dentist, mechanic to just say ‘yes’ or would you prefer they instruct and guide you? Expect no less from a recruiter, or for that matter, any service provider. Just ensure they are providing that guidance for your benefit, not theirs.

Like any industry, there are good operators and not-so-good operators. Contrary to common belief, there are plenty of good operators in the recruitment industry. Just make sure you conduct your due diligence.

The following link illustrates the Tomahawk Recruitment process. We believe what we do is simple, transparent, and effective. But don’t take it from us, ask our clients