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Cheating on Your Boss

By Mark Evarts, Tomahawk Recruitment, March 15, 2019

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Tomahawk Ethical Resignation

It’s often said that starting a relationship from an affair is a sure-fire way to ensure it fails. Why? Well, most likely because you’re starting from a questionable foundation. Similarly, people often ‘cheat’ on their employer by secretly applying for new jobs in the hope for greener pastures. This generally involves taking sick leave to attend interviews and justifying it with the sentiment that ‘everyone else is doing it’.

There may be times that this is necessary, but often it’s not. I’ve been on the receiving end as a manager and it feels awful. As a recruiter, this behaviour speaks volumes about the interviewee’s lack of integrity.

You Get to Choose Who You Are

I remember a time as a junior project manager, I met with my new boss and requested a smaller mobile phone. He said ‘sure’ and suggested I ‘accidentally’ drop my phone into the kitchen sink so that he could order a much smaller replacement. I had planned to carry out my clandestine operation on the weekend but just couldn’t do it. It lacked integrity and it just wasn’t me. So, I brought it up at the next meeting and said I’d rather keep my current phone than fake an accident. I ended up with a new phone and my virtue intact. More importantly, my new boss now knew me as someone who is honest.

When I finally resigned from that job, I provided a notice of 10 weeks. I felt that that would allow enough time for them to replace me, and for me to create my next endeavour. As it turned out I decided to start a business and they offered for me to continue at 2 days a week until my business was up and running. It was a mutually positive outcome and something I’ve never forgotten.

Since then I’ve always provided between eight to twelve weeks resignation notice, and it’s always had a positive result. Now, I’m not suggesting you provide any more notice than your contract requires. In fact, you should do whatever works for you. However, just remember that you get to choose who YOU are, and that operating with honour will always win in the long run.

Swim Upstream

Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world’. In everyday terms, just be the person you want others to be. You’ll be surprised how life shows up for you.

Break the trend, make like a salmon and swim upstream. Back yourself. You’ll feel better about who you are and more importantly, you’ll live your life as well as create your new gig from a position of integrity. Now that’s power!

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