6 Top Tips to Attract Candidates

By Mark Evarts, Tomahawk Recruitment, September 5, 2019

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Candidate running toward Tomahawk Recruitment

You have a great business model, a strong vision and everything in place to bring it to life except one critical thing – the people! You place a job ad and wait for your golden candidates to flow in…. but things don't go quite as planned.

This is a common challenge for many businesses, but there are some important steps that you can undertake to ensure you attract the right candidates each time.

1. Invest the time to clearly define the role

Like all robust processes, clarity up front is pivotal to success.

All too often, prospective employers start the process in haste, not fully defining the role they are recruiting for. Can you imagine getting into your car and driving not really sure where you’re heading? Crazy right? But here’s the thing, when it comes to recruiting people don’t only do that, they look for the quickest way to get to a destination they’re not quite sure of.

Just remember, once you know where you’re going, you can decide the best way to get there.

2. Write a strong job ad

The best way to write a successful job ad that attracts quality candidates is to be very clear on what the role is and to not oversell it. The right candidate will be attracted to the ‘reality’ of the role and at the end of the day, that’s what you’re after.

Honesty is powerful, so tell it the way it is. Sure, creative writing can get you more applicants but would you rather numbers or quality? The greater the quality of your candidates the less time and energy you’ll spend rifling through CVs, conducting phone screens, and interviewing. Ultimately, higher quality leads make for a more positive experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

3. Define who the perfect person is for the role

Write a description of who the ideal person is. You can start with the following attributes:

  • background

  • personality

  • team fit

  • preferred management style

  • leadership style

  • home location

  • experience

  • travel preferences

The reason you’re doing this is to create a space for that person to show up. Sounds like witch-craft? Maybe, but you’d be surprised how often the ideal person shows up when you create the space.

Warning, do not become attached to the person being an exact match - as the ideal person may not be as per your expectations. This practise is purely to create the space for the ideal person to show up.

4. Be realistic about role versus salary

Treating people with respect is paramount, and that includes candidates. In fact, we built Tomahawk Recruitment to be one of the best recruitment agencies in Melbourne by this very principal.

It’s important to decide on the remuneration aligned to the role you are filling. Do the research, use industry standards, and be realistic about the alignment of salary to role. It’s about finding the balance between attracting quality people whilst ensuring the commercial integrity of your organisation.

Be careful to not overpay. Money is a short-term motivator when compared to culture and satisfaction. If you’re finding it a challenge to attract or retain good people, more money is seldom the solution.

5. Have a strong EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

What are the development opportunities the role and company will offer (flexible work practices, bonuses, additional leave, etc)? These need to be real and not token. ‘Casual Friday’ is not enough anymore.

Your EVP needs to be a reflection of the culture, or at least desired culture of your business.

As this article by Gallup points out, Apple’s carefully crafted employment brand ‘resonates with people who have a strong desire to learn and grow, and says a lot about the company’s culture and what it values’. In essence, Apple’s EVP appeals to the right kind of people, who want to learn and grow and who are likely to be engaged with Apple’s development-oriented culture, a win-win scenario.

Following are examples from 2 completely contrasting organisations who’s EVPs are strong and tailored to their target audience: L’Oréal and Timpson (key cutting shoe menders)

L’Oréal:You can do things we cannot, we can do things you cannot; but together we can do great things. It’s about becoming a better person because the people you work with are challenging you to become the best version of yourself.

Timpson: We give our colleagues total authority to do whatever they can to amaze our customers. We are really proud of the fact that all of our senior managers, have been promoted from within our business.

6. Be flexible!

Have a clear understanding of what is actually critical versus what is nice to have. Remember our ‘perfect person’? The truth is, you’re not going to find the perfect person every time, especially when time is against you. Having a clear understanding in what you’re willing to bend on up front is critical you being decisive when the time comes.