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PREFIXER Founder Mark Evarts has over 25 years of consulting, corporate, entrepreneurial, and industry experience in an extensive range of industries including: technology, government, finance (big 4 banks), operations, pharmaceuticals, utilities, resources, learning & development, and insurance. 

Mark has achieved success in a range of roles including Head of Technology, Head of Delivery, Head of Customer Experience, General Mgr, Project Mgr, Service Delivery Manager, Facility Mgr, Process Analyst, and Technical Writer as well as lecturing at Swinburne University in Project Mgt, Knowledge Mgt, Supply Chain Mgt, and eMarketing.  


Mark Headshot 2.png

Mark Evarts - PREFIX Founder

Extended Services

We know our strengths and provide services that sit within those functional areas. We’re also happy connect you with our trusted partners in the following areas, without taking any cream off the top:

  • Business Strategists

  • AI Consulting Partners

  • Digital Marketing

  • Web Development

  • Specialised Recruitment

  • Workplace Culture

  • eLearning Development

  • Financial Services

  • Technical Consulting and Support

About Anchor

PREFIXER 'fixes' or 'prevents fixing' the problems you haven't yet had.


When your clients and your people are empowered,

 they will empower you.

We propel business success by instilling rigour and empowering relationships. 


Customer relationships and operational efficiencies are directly linked to business success.

However, rapid growth and competing agendas can result in recurring issues with

key client relationship, delayed project deliveries, and disengaged teams.

Traditional high-cost business consulting often lacks a personalised approach and the experience

required to manage client relationships or lead internal teams.


That’s when you find PREFIXER, a beacon of hope and effectiveness, specialising in:







Our free consultation and value-driven offerings provide access to

specific measurable improvements in client relationships and operational efficiencies. 


By engaging PREFIXER you’re able to innovate and grow your business

while enjoying improved client relationships, a vibrant internal culture,

and a well-oiled operational machine.

Connect With Us

PREFIXER is located in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).

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